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“All the love I gave is yours to keep” Volume 6


Selected poems and letters 2017-2024 


This volume includes a small selection of previously published poems from High Tide (2018), Fool’s Gold (2020), Paper Romance (2021), none from Arcadia (2022) or 21C Human (2023); and a much larger selection of previously unpublished poetry and letters written in the past eight years. 


Out September 2024


“21C Human” Volume 5


‘21C Human’ is a collection of poetry and essays detailing the millennial perspective in three parts.


Part 1 reflects on western political culture, including how social media is affecting democracy, on climate anxiety, on our disillusionment with populist politicians, and many others.


Part 2 delves into a woman’s experience of navigating constantly contradicting expectations in the public and private sphere, including verse about domestic and emotional labour. 


Part 3 journeys through the depths of a pandemic-induced depression culminating in a turn towards existentialism and rebellion.


Out October 2023 


"Arcadia" Volume 4

‘Arcadia’ is a 648-line rhyming, narrative poem that explores how our modern existential crisis of alienation and anxiety has been inflamed by the phenomena of 21C consumerism, mass media, instant gratification, etc, that have leaked into the god-shaped hole scooped out by secular modernity.

The five-canto poem argues that even though our symptoms are psychological, our problems are philosophical at their root, and so urges us to overcome nihilism by embracing solitude, individuality, freedom, beauty, and art.


Out November 2022

"Paper Romance" Volume 3

‘Paper Romance’ is a celebration of the grandest of all poetic themes – romantic love. 


This volume contains selected lyrical poetry and prose excerpts from handwritten correspondence sent by the author in 2020 – a simple proof that courtship, devotion, and small gestures of adoration, such as letter writing, are not confined to the past.

Out August 2021

"Fool's Gold: Poetry & Postcards" Volume 2

'Fool’s Gold' chronicles the breakdown of a romantic relationship that was at first intoxicating, before turning toxic. 


Lyrical poetry and postcard prose explore the delicate and often complicated reality of infatuation, frustration, deception, and ultimately, letting go.

November 2020 - May 2022

“High Tide: Poetry & Postcards” Volume I


High Tide is a collection of Poetry about love and loss, and Postcards from the author’s real-life travels, accompanied by the author’s personal photography. Part 1 (Poetry) shares the bittersweet and often intense reality of complicated relationships that don’t end in happily ever afters, while Part 2 (Postcards) captures the moments and reflections on life while being present in foreign lands.


June 2018 - 2021

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