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"Paper Romance" Volume 3

‘Paper Romance’ is a simple celebration of the grandest of all poetic themes – romantic love. 

Lyrical poetry, originally sent as correspondence over the course of a relationship, is published in this volume as proof that romance isn’t dead. Courtship, devotion and small gestures of adoration, such as letter writing, are not confined to the past.

Out July 2021

"Fool's Gold: Poetry & Postcards" Volume 2

'Fool’s Gold' chronicles the breakdown of a romantic relationship that was at first intoxicating, before turning toxic.


Lyrical poetry and postcard prose explore the delicate and often complicated reality of infatuation, frustration, deception, and ultimately, letting go.

Out November 2020

Available in paperback and e-book. 

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“High Tide: Poetry & Postcards” Volume I


High Tide is a collection of Poetry about love and loss, and Postcards from the author’s real-life travels, accompanied by the author’s personal photography. Part 1 (Poetry) shares the bittersweet and often intense reality of complicated relationships that don’t end in happily ever afters, while Part 2 (Postcards) captures the moments and reflections on life while being present in foreign lands.


Out June 2018

Available in paperback and e-book.