Romantic poetry




My beautiful maybe, my great perhaps  

The heat of my imagination 

Captures us, as we elapse 

In restrained, delicate elation 


Walls echo in your absence 

Another brief sojourn 

I’ll wreck myself against infinity 

In re-doubled lust I slowly burn 


Night after night my mind orbits

Around you, my sun, my star 

Anticipation, blazing like a comet

Confined to watch you from afar   


My new beginning 

The one that hasn’t come  

I ache over agonising details

Over you, my song unsung 


My future, I believe impending 

I am a thief of pleasure, 

Fantasies, recklessly spending 

Our delights, we have not measured  


Our moonlit elopements 

The ones that haven’t passed

My conspiracy of silence 

I’ve committed to steadfast 


My flame imperishable

You’ve rekindled all that’s earnest 

And even though you burn me so

My hope in us will spring eternal 



Old flames 


Sometimes old flames can reignite, after constant friction 

How often is she on your mind, is it an addition? 

You reassure me love is gone, that now you are ‘just friends’ 

But the way you talk of her, feels like it didn’t end 


You say it’s really over, but I don’t recognise 

The sincerity of your words is missing from your eyes  

Are you harbouring old hope for a continuation? 

Curious if she’ll take you back, without hesitation? 


Or is this about your ego, your need for validation?

And having her around so often is your affirmation? 

You keep on playing with fire, a gratuitous affliction  

We know old flames can reignite, after constant friction




Let me down 


Don’t use me to forget her, don’t say things you don’t mean 

Don’t show up here at midnight, acting out your dreams 

You don’t want me, you’re just lonely, after company 

Just trying to distract yourself, from your misery  


I can see her in your eyes, I know she’s on your mind 

You aren’t fully with me, as our fingers intertwine 

It’s not fair what you’re doing, what I’m going through 

Your broken heart beats just like mine, but mine beats just for you 




Part time lover 


Most days I feel I’m made of stone 

But not when I’m with you 

Your temporary touch, in time 

Will break my heart in two 


My part time lover, part time ghost 

In us, you don’t believe 

I know for you this isn’t real 

But love won’t let me leave 






Promise me the promises, that you intend to keep 

Act out your declarations as talk is often cheap 

Promise me without forgetting, or needing a reminder 

If you keep your promises, I’ll keep trusting you blindly  


Your words, a shield around my heart, protecting it from sorrow 

Breaking your oath shall splinter it, shards glint sharp like arrows

Metal fractures into daggers, impaling naked, trusting flesh

Agony, until removed, empty words and wounds enmesh


If no remedy comes ready, your shrapnel sits in sullen fragments 

Every fibre, absorbing pain, your rusting metal, in its absence

How many broken promises, can a heart still swallow?

Before the heart bleeds dry, hardens and turns hollow?






Dancing in silence, the music surrounds

Not daring to speak, or make any sounds

I don’t want to stop, and neither do you

So we keep spinning, to then start anew


I know that you’re bound, to one who’s not me

I’m bound to you, I don’t want to be free 

My soul is on fire and gladly I burn

For you’ll never know how fully I yearn


I’ll keep this my secret, I’ll savour my pain

For one more chance to see you again

The dread of departure, the hope of tomorrow

In you, my happiness and all my sorrows


Heaven weights heavy on my mind’s thin ice

There isn’t a way out, I’ll just close my eyes 

So play it again, our silent song

Play it again, and we’ll dance along




The Prince 


Are you doing what you’re doing,

Out of love or to be loved?


Content in the joy of the feeling,

Letting all your love flow freely?

Or is there another motivation 

Retaining power through obligation?






You picked me like a rose, enchanted 

I bloomed for you, I wanted to,

To bring you happiness, undaunted 


You praised sweet fragrances, fine petals 

But rubbed me wrong, pricked on a thorn 

Your love turned furious, unsettled 


One by one, picked off my spines  

I bled for you, I wanted to,

Loathing thorns once mine 


With wounds unbound, began to wilt 

No remorse from you, no guilt 

Just harsh distain, repulsion, pain 


No longer I, your rose

Just a reminder, what I once was 

Blaming me for being wrong 


But all roses come with thorns

Perhaps it’s not a rose 

You wanted, all along 






Three times you tried to fan the flames 

And twice, they re-ignited 

I watch you walk into the room

My heart, for you, short-sighted   


Love, I’m on your side 

In your cocoon

Roses should bloom

However blighted 


You wipe my mind of fear 

Of memory and time 

My treasured everlasting 

You are the true sublime 


The love I want is chaos 

A youthful wanderlust 

You touch my hand so tamely 

That weak grip, I mistrust 


My blood love, once a firework

You lit up my whole sky

I breathed you in and every night

With you, another high 


You ask if you should stay 

My eyes glance at the door

In love with love, forever

In love with you, no more






I wonder if you ever 

Wonder about me?

And if you ever wonder

Was it meant to be?


If I still love the Killers  

And strawberry iced tea?

If I’m sleeping next to someone 

And letting him hold me?


I wonder if you ever

Say aloud my name?

I wonder if you wonder 

If I ever do the same?


Our stars were not aligned,

It wasn’t meant to be 

So if you ever wonder,

Stop wondering ‘bout me

Bad habit


Each time you give me less, I just want more 

Each time you pull away, I want you close  

You’re my bad habit that I can’t ignore  

And every day it goes from bad to worse  


Your name burns up my tongue, when I call it out 

You’re heavy on my mind, but I can’t go without

The certainty of your touch, I can’t help but doubt 

And still you’re my bad habit, to which I’ll stay devout 




Cardinal sin


Parched soil of our mutual desire 

Carnal delights lead to cardinal sins 

Awaiting promises expire 

Think what you’ll end if this begins


Your wounded innocence you preach 

With subdued violence, you continue 

Unfaithful absence I impeach  

Your lethal lust, the death of us 




A thousand cuts 


You give me your poison, I drink it with glee 

You’re not supposed to want to do that to me 

Don’t ask me to jump, I’ll ask you how high

All you want from my love, you know I’ll comply 


Your life-size ghost is haunting me 

Stockholm syndrome is taunting me 


You keep me so close that we can’t grow apart 

Keep cutting me down, keep on breaking my heart

You are my madness, but I need sanity  

I can’t let you go, so let go of me 




Different chances


What are you really holding onto, something real or just your hope?

That this time they’ll treat you better, but you know they really won’t 


How many different chances will you give day after day?

Only to have them hurt you in exactly the same way 






Broken hearts keep breaking others 

Holding on to their disdain 

Not thinking twice about hurting lovers 

When they’re already numb to pain 






Fragile hearts, they often break 

But heal with perseverance 

And their pain, they soon forget 

Fragile, yet resilient 






In my memory, right where I left you

You will remain, just as you were, 

Perfect and shining, like the day that you left me 

This way you’re with me and you’ll never blur

Poetry of loss


Love’s not the word 


Love’s not the word I’m looking for 

That word’s too ordinary 

You deserve a word that’s more  

A word that’s never arbitrary  


You deserve the grandest gestures 

You deserve a thousand odes 

I’m sorry all I have to offer 

Is just some poetry and prose 


I’ll carve, for you, a hundred statues 

Of all the things you once so loved  

Just wait till I afford the marble 

Every block, I’ll make use of 


I’ll conduct dozens of strings 

To sing you lullabies so sweet 

It’ll make the songs of nightingales 

Sound to your ears, obsolete 


I’ll plant, for you, a million roses 

So you can see them from above 

It’s for you that I keep striving

And the things that you dreamed of 


It seems so unforgiving

When a good thing comes to end 

Why am I the one here living?

Why was it you, I couldn’t mend? 


Now you’re the ghost in all my stories 

And I miss you every day 

Each night, I keep on writing for you

To keep my loneliness at bay 


The things that I would give 

For just a minute more with you 

To worship your perfection, 

All your pain I would un-do 


One day, for you, I’ll find the words 

To match your beauty and your grace

They will be simple, like you wanted 

They’ll be your final resting place  




Live on 


I vividly imagine, your arms around me

Dancing, spinning with your ghost, past realities 

At least we’re reunited, in my hollow dreams 

Warming, worn-out memories, bursting all my seams 


I wish we had more time, when we had the chance 

My solemn, silent serenade, my hypnotising trance 

Even if it’s futile, this, I won’t regret 

You’re never fully gone, because I won’t forget 





Grief is all the love, that is left unspent 

When a departure, a full heart outlives, 

All that resides inside becomes torment 

The pain from all the love one could not give 




Summer nights


Do you still keep our photos, like I do, boxed up? 

Too painful to look at, too precious to give up 

Does your tattoo remind you, how drunk we used to get? 

Wasting summer nights, making crazy bets


You never tried to change me, just quietly adored 

I just want to say thank you, I wish I’d told you more 


I still think of us, when I hear our final song 

We weren’t a good match, but brightly we still burned 

I hope you don’t regret, a single thing we’d done 

Because the truth is, I loved you, more than anyone 






So you returned to New York City 

Packed up your life, left me behind   

You picked a fight as you were leaving   

To ease our parting, ease your mind  


I know you didn’t really mean it, 

Word by word your smile gave way 

Not me, I lost you to a city 

That’s a different kind of pain  


We didn’t have so long together, 

But you were sublime every day 

Your spark ignited fires burning,  

Casting all past aches away 


You were the light of my perfection, 

The moment that red curtain rose,  

You captured everybody’s hearts 

But then you went and gave me yours   


We danced in Paris to Moon River

Underneath the shimmering lights 

I gave you all of my tomorrows 

And you gave me your endless nights 


Now I’m sleeping on my sofa 

Trying to find closure and ensue 

No composure, I’m hardly sober

As you dance with someone new  


Curtain raised; you’ll take your stage 

Glowing, blooming as you are 

 Just like all those nights in London  

Oh Andy, Andy, you’re a star 




Silver frame 


Hemmed in by a silver frame, a haunted, holy relic 

Tarnished now with unseen pain, no longer pure, angelic 

This old photograph of us, a living reassurance 

Evidence of being loved, a memory’s endurance  


A momentary comfort, proof it wasn’t our pretend 

Turns into remembering the slow and grieved descent

All the pain we drank for love, escapes this cornered heaven 

Of slivered bliss that we once were, and everything that had been 






Sweet emotion, don’t fade yet 

I’m not finished with this high 

Separation, I’ll regret 

It’s too soon to say goodbye 


My home and my adventure

Here we stand two broken hearts

Destiny, I censure how 

Even good things break apart 



Fond farewell 


I’m glad we had the courage 

To follow our desires 

To pursue with both our hearts 

The love we thought worthwhile  


No ill-intent, I know, beloved  

We were star-crossed from the start 

Our duet, a touch too arduous 

Living two, three worlds apart  


Fond farewell, to you, my sun 

Become your constellation 

Wishing you a life of love,

Without any reservation 




Love gone 


Put it down. Don’t rifle through a love gone.  

Let it be exactly what it was 

Let it rest in a vaulted pantheon 

Without glum grief, nor thundering applause 


Don’t rake through all the things they said

It will anchor you in memory 

Nor curate, exaggerate  

Them in warm, nostalgic reveries 


Let it lie, untouched and out of reach 

Continue being in your present 

Or love gone, the past, will future breach

Like an ant, it will amber you in lament 




After love  


You exalt a God you don’t believe in 

Faithful to a church, burned down long ago 

The flame is out, you’re worshipping ashes 

In hopes that your prayers will light it aglow 


Spin empty words, weave your dead flowers 

Once a bouquet, now a funeral wreath 

Love is gone, in its shadow you cower 

Knowing it’s over, but refusing to leave 




Amor fati


Goodbye my lover, you were never my friend 

Only love as our guide, it led to dead ends 


Both taxing and wanting, what we put on the line 

Right from the start, our hearts beat out of time  


Seasoned with sorrows, minds heavy with loss 

All good intentions, destroyed in chaos 


Our only redemption, without any blame 

The right thing and hard thing turned out all the same 




Blame it on me 


I think I’m tired. I think that’s it.

You’ve finally worn me out

It’s all too much, I can’t commit

To your life of ups and downs 


Every day it’s something new 

We can’t rewind to the beginning

You douse my fire until it’s blue, 

And all you care about is winning


Preoccupied with gaining ground 

Keeping score and turning tables,

At that table we sit, bound  


And I just want to leave




Deleted scenes 


Shaking and crying, a meter apart 

Already forgiving, as you’re breaking my heart 

I’ll do what I can to soften these blows   

When you hurt, I hurt, I need you to know 

I’ll accept when you say – it’s not meant to be  

And I pray for your happiness, even if it’s not me 






Evanescence of perfection 

Your face evades my recollection 

To summon you is proving hopeless

With time, you’re fading out of focus 






A love so sweet that soured all too quickly

You rushed to have me, then you rushed to leave 

Our love’s myth, kept alive by the faithful

Fades as quickly if you cease to believe  


Innocence lost and paradise wilting 

Our creed is doomed with just one devotee 

Our church’s haunted to me if you jilt it 

Are you breaking me to simply break free? 






I had always suspected  

You’re in love with a feeling 

But I kept on believing 

That you really loved me 


Time came, I, unwilling 

Gave up all my dreaming 

Let you go, though it’s chilling

What you loved, who’s to see? 




Tired of goodbyes 


I’m so tired of these goodbyes 

I’m so tired of my heart breaking

How many more times must I try,

Till lasting love ceases the aching?


Another face I must forget 

Another future shatters  

The pain inside me swells, and yet, 

I’ll pretend like it’s no matter 


I am the great performer, me 

Wearing hope like it’s a crown

But life has crushed my certainties 

And I’m close to breaking down


These paths turn into labyrinths

Dead ends consume my heart, my head

I cannot sleep, I cannot think, 

And all my hope has turned to dread 


I’m so tired of this routine 

It’s getting harder to let go 

Of all the things that could have been  

Is this goodbye the fatal blow? 





We haven’t loved in vain,

Through my memories you’ll wander

But just a tourist you’ll remain

Nothing more thereafter 

Poetry of Philosophy



The flowers bloom 


Out there, the flowers bloom 

I cannot feel their time

I cannot grasp the distance between hours 

Alienated from myself and others

While the flowers, they still bloom


Time doesn’t change a thing within us

We age in bodies, not in minds 

Unless we choose to live deliberately 

Things will remain exactly as they are 

Unless we change them wilfully 


Here comes the itching, from underneath my skin 

I have this body I must continue to exist in  

There will only ever be, 

so much to touch and taste and see

I will not know another mode of being 


The first breath of salvation is accepting 

How ubiquitous and ordinary, all our suffering 

It means nothing, unless it means something for you 

Then be free, choose what to do 

with what’s been done to you 


My flesh has struggled into being 

And year on year, I’m sinking closer to the dirt 

I was convinced there must endure an order 

and certain rules to follow, 

but that’s only what we’ve learned 


There’s total freedom, with it, total isolation

I turned to things that kept me from myself 

The most insidious addictions 

point to answers that stop you 

questioning the world yourself 


Adrift, I poured myself into another, 

till there was nothing left of me

A temporary remedy, to attach yourself to anyone 

Who numbs the loneliness of being

The feeling nobody can solve for me 


To be human is to embrace the things 

I do not want to touch 

– failure, loss, entropy and gloom 

But as I get through them, 

I am free, unconsumed 

And finally, I feel the flowers, 

while around me, they bloom



It’s not in mere absence, when we’re most alone  

It’s when coveted hands do not meet our own 

Loneliness inhabits the unfulfilled ideal  

Of our desired connection, becoming our ordeal 


We all require others, to understand and love us

But our needs cannot be met every second that we fret

We’re doomed to be alone, at times within our lives 

From our mute desperation something else must rise 


In loneliness grows, whatever there one brings  

Are you in bad company, without anything? 

Let the absence of presence become nominal

Alone is unavoidable, loneliness is optional 

Season of peaches 


The fragrant fruit of summer 

Once ripe, now rotting sweetly on 

Confectionary skin browns over 

Soft flesh slackens on the stone


Your breath last night, fresh balm of peaches  

Candied over by the moon

The morning after, thick like syrup 

Curdled sour by next noon 


Late August, youth is oozing out 

Reminds me we won’t live too long 

Each alone, we ripen, perish 

Let us taste before taste’s gone 






Let summer be just what it is 

Let autumn come, and kill it slowly 

And I will be, at peace as well 

In uncertainty, as always 


No need to weep, or rage at time 

It’s not your friend or enemy 

Whatever season it may be 

Summer lives on in my memory


Morning person


I am not a morning person

Each day I rise, in angst and dread 

I consciously remind myself 

Choices and change may lie ahead 


It’s a good thing, just to be alive 

In the heaven that man made hell 

I’ll warm my hands before life’s fire 

With my existence, I rebel 



Am I the god that I believe in? And all the people that I loved? 

Every city that I’ve been in, and the country I’m free of?

Am I the quiet conversations once echoed in my head? 

The old wives’ tales I overheard and all the poets that I’ve read?


The food I ate, the beds I slept in, the games I played when I was young? 

All the drowsy nights spent living, all the words that crossed my tongue? 

Every doubt I kept and cradled, every question that I’ve asked? 

Is this how you all see me, as a patchwork of my past? 


What about the hope I harbour and the hunger that I hide?

All the highs I’ve not yet felt, all the want for them resides 

What about the people, I’ve not yet the chance to love?  

And the poets I’ve not read yet and the dreams that I dream of?


I don’t feel that I’m a tally, of the things I did or didn’t 

I don’t live my life for measure every hour and every minute 

I know why we talk of patchwork, only things now past and gone

It’s harder to forgive ourselves for the things we’ve not become



What matters 


Desperate to matter in an apathetic world 

Nature’s indifference reminds me if we don’t

care for one another, nothing, no one will 

When we’re grasped by what we cannot grasp 


When we’re flooded by the great unseen 

Drowning in the depths we cannot fully comprehend

We fight the small. We fight the small

and claim our little victories when a fortunate wind blows

so we don’t have to face the great  


We can’t win over it, it did not come to fight  

We only learn to live in its presence. 

Your echo sounds through me – how you used to say – 

‘there is no deeper meaning in your suffering’, 

it merely varies from how you look at it from day to day 


Among many, there is only one inevitable fate. 

None of this matters, and neither do I,

when all in dust are equal made 


But under a throng of stars, 

that glitters and winks in the dark,

when nothing is at rest and all is becoming 

I choose to live immediately 

I choose to fight the small

I choose to fight the small 


Poetry of narcissists

Fool’s gold


You must think yourself enchanting  

The way you cast your spells 

Incantations you’re supplanting 

Pure embellishment and bells 


All your demi-truths and white lies 

I see you smile and hide your ghosts 

Convinced it’s such a clever guise,

You’re in the emperor’s new clothes


You must think yourself so clever 

So important, so demure 

But in your trivial endeavours 

I’m afraid there’s no allure 


All this pyrite, you’re concealing 

Soon they’ll know, as I foretold 

Time will strip your mask, revealing  

You are nothing but fool’s gold 






You ignore me till I leave

When I’m gone you can’t believe

How much you miss me, so you beg

Forgetting all your disrespect


You had your chance, you had a hundred

You didn’t use them, why, I wonder?

Only after my goodbye

You grieve and pine and glorify


Why didn’t you care when I was yours?

You made love seem like a chore

It shouldn’t have to take me leaving

For you to see that I’m worth keeping 






You’re the source of your fiction, can’t handle the truth

Preaching lies, your addiction, your guilt they will soothe 


You re-write events, save your holy depiction 

But you give to yourself, the biggest restriction  


You annul the sins, that could cause you pain

But rob yourself of some learning, some gain


You repeat your lies in hope they’ll come true 

Fool everyone, but the main fool is you 




Hunt to kill 


I thought your lonely heart, was seeking company 

Your lonely heart’s a hunter, killing hungrily 


What kind of love have you been taught?  

What kind of horrors have you seen? 

You use that word just like a leash,

A noose that tightens at your whim   


I’m sorry you feel incomplete 

It’s not my duty to fulfil you  

Find in you whatever you need 

Do not use me to complete you 


You are destroying half of me 

So I might fit your sole half better  

Without a care what you impair 

In your razing, you take pleasure  


The helping hand I offered you 

Your mad arrogance rejected 

All your anger, doubts and sadness, 

You instead at me, directed 


As I am, I won’t appease, your exhausting hunger 

Your lonely heart remains, a lonely, wandering hunter 






You’re arrogant because you’re insecure, you try to dim their lights 

So you’ll shine brighter by comparison, distorting the true sight 


Your cruelty springs from weakness, you project out all you fear

You’re angry when you’re helpless, but at helping hands you sneer 


Surrounded by distractions, you’re afraid to be alone 

You know you’re in bad company when you are on your own  


Always the first to leave, because you’re scared you’re not enough 

Terrified of being vulnerable, always acting tough 


You self-destruct so you won’t feel you’ve ever lost control 

Stubborn against change, you are petrified of the unknown 


Always hungry for attention, but never satisfied 

Regardless what you get, you are empty all inside  


You demonise the other, but from fear your actions stem 

Afraid of others treating you how you are treating them 



Irrelevant now


Thought we had so much in common 

Both straining under heavy dreams 

You brag you sail with passions high 

While pushing paper boats downstream  


Romanticising all your plans 

While chasing dreams inside your head 

But nothing works, unless you do 

Can’t cheat yourself to get ahead   


You’re not a victim, you’re not drowning, 

You just can’t be arsed to swim 

The only danger is your sloth,  

That you keep fuelling from within 


Instead of standing by my side 

You tricked me into conceding  

Into dimming my own light, 

Feeling guilty for succeeding  


You hurt me, and then complain? 

You don’t get it, you don’t listen 

Knocking haloes off my saints 

Has always been your vile religion 


I’m tired of carrying us both 

I can’t do this any longer 

At least carrying your dead weight 

Made me a little stronger 


You’ve been calling, it rings out 

Without a flinch of apprehension  

I’ll starve your ego with a drought  

You don’t deserve any attention  


Sometimes I think I might miss you 

Sometimes I doubt why I left 

Then I remember the bad things   

You did and how awful they felt  


Go ahead, fill up my voicemail 

I won’t grant you one last bow 

Yours fears, like my dreams, all came true 

You are irrelevant now 


The Anglerfish


Months ago, on the day it snowed,

You confessed your dystopia 

Suspended from your happiness  

Succumbed to anhedonia 


Your higher calling called on me

Knew at once to guarantee 

To hold your heart with both my hands 

Warm it up, as best as I can 


Tell me, what pain made you so cruel?

I will distill it all from you

I won’t let this infection spread 

All your past aches, I’ll help you shed 


Whatever poisoned you before

I will take care and I’ll adore

I’ll heal your wounds, and with great care

I’ll pour in so much love to spare  


But I can’t heal you from outside 

You hear me calling, hear my plight 

You drink my love, like it’s your due

But banish me from seeing through 


I know it’s not within my right

But I can see your losing fight 

If you don’t ease your source of pain 

Forever with you, it’ll remain 


Regardless how much love you drink 

It’ll spread there too, so please rethink 

I swear I’m only trying to aid 

The more I do, the more you hate


As if you savour being in pain,

Feel entitled over my strain 

You seek to drain me till I’m done 

Then you’ll discard me and move on


To the next one, that you will trick 

And you’ll drain her, just like you did 

To me, to all, as you see fit 

All your cruelty, you’ll re-emit 





You think you’re old at twenty-five  

Without hard work, somehow, you’ll thrive 

The rules, to you, they don’t apply  

To you, we’ll bow, without your try 


The center of the universe 

Around you, the rest must spin 

Unconcerned by their opinions

Your wisdom comes from deep within 


So comfortable in your convictions 

But on second glance, your chains 

If one questions their existence 

Under pressure, you feel strained 


Your brittle ears crumble in plight 

Incapacitated by your ego 

If you feel wronged, you turn to spite 

Victimising yourself, your placebo 


You backtrack on apologies 

You don’t mean a word you say 

When you know you’re ’bout to lose, 

You’re too quick to run away 


Being on time is such a chore 

You are their king; can’t they just wait? 

And when you finally turn up 

How dare they point out that you’re late! 


Lose your pride or lose your love 

You’ve been told this all before 

But you’ve descended from above 

All those ‘below’ you, you ignore 


Paramount for you to be right 

And if she leaves, it’s her, not you  

You’re just ‘so misunderstood’ 

Your ‘genius’ is a different hue  


Your suffering is so unique  

Oh, your wounds are full of salt! 

No one’s felt pain as deep as yours  

And it’s all somebody’s fault 


Folly of youth, I sympathise  

We were all once that childish bore 

The only problem with you is – 

You’re not twenty-five anymore  





You push me far away, then wonder where I went 

You do not treat me kindly, but kindness you expect?   


You complain at me, after closing yourself off 

I’m not fighting hard enough to break down all your walls 


You treat me like your enemy, but expect to be my friend 

You keep on breaking us, assuming us I’ll mend


It’s not my job to raise you, and manage your emotions 

You cannot be malicious and still expect devotion  


You seek to keep my love with actions so equivocal 

Except I’m not your mother, my love’s not unconditional 






You gave away the things I loved 

And one of them was you 

To all of those who wanted some 

Regardless if it’s due 


Your crowded heart and fickle mind 

Charmed by validation 

Overlooking your commitment 

Addicted to attention 


You say you’re mine, but every time 

My nerves quietly fray

As you embrace the whole world while 

It’s me you hide away 




Your beautiful game   


You never let me get too close. 

Your ‘omens’ taught you otherwise

You say, in your stern voice.

You say you like these games we play

But some rules have turned it ugly 

Dance if you want, sing along if you want

Don’t stand and stare so smugly 

I’m tired of these eggshells

Your ‘cause and effect’

Love’s not formulaic 

News to you, I suspect

And in your labyrinth 

I have no birds-eye view 

I loathe your instructions 

Don’t preach what to do

You’re not an enigma 

My puzzle to solve 

Just a beautiful boy

Who wants my resolve 

Anything I do

I do it all wrong 

This is exhausting 

And just can’t go on



Say my name 


Do not mistake me for your friend

Do not believe that ‘we are good’

My mute departure and my grace

You seem to have misunderstood 


I don’t have goodwill towards you 

Nor can I spare you any hate

I remember what you did 

There’s not a thing you can abate 


I’ve found my peace, I’m happy now

It doesn’t mean there’s room for you

Do not infect me with your chaos 

You’ve not changed since we were through 


You think you shaped me in your image

I’ll never be like you, you’ll see 

All your poison, I’ve cried out, 

All the hate you poured on me  


I won’t raise my voice or egress 

From you, I’ll just turn away 

But don’t you dare approach me,

You don’t deserve to say my name